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Welcome to Fudoshinkan Dojo

Welcome to the Fudoshinkan website. This page will tell you a little about who we are and what we do. We have a range of members with different skill levels, from beginner to 4th Dan. If you are interested in becoming a part of our dojo or would like more information, please email us at Info@AikidoFudoshinkan.co.uk. 

About the Dojo

Igarashi group

Fudoshinkan is part of Aikido Kobayashi Dojo UK (KUK). We teach Aikikai style, the style of the founder of Aikido. We train on Monday and Wednesday nights in Pill, Bristol. We also run regular internal training camps and gradings. Every year we arrange for international teachers to run our camps (spring / summer / autumn). As Fudoshinkan is part of the Kobayashi Dojo group, all Dan grades are recorded and registered with the Aikikai in Japan, so your grade will be globally recognised. Fudoshinkan is also registered with the British Aikido Board.

About Mac Sensei 4th Dan Dojocho

Mac Sensei started his martial arts training in the mid-60s, studying karate. In the early 70s he added aikido and kendo to this list. By the end of the 70s he had dropped karate, jujitsu and kendo to focus entirely on aikido. In 1983 he started the Bristol Aikido Club, which later became Fudoshinkan. After watching a demonstration by Yasuo Kobayashi Shihan at the friendship demonstration in the late 80s, Mac Sensei started to train in Aikikai under Yasuo Kobayashi Shihan. Mac Sensei brought the Kobayashi Dojo teaching back to the UK where he founded Aikido Kobayashi Dojo UK (see link). KUK now has eight dojos and two associated dojos.


Headed by the Doshu (heir to the founder of Aikido), Aikikai is the original school of aikido. It is centred on the Aikikai Foundation, who issue gradings and instructor certification worldwide. The Aikikai Foundation run the Hombu Dojo (official Aikido World Headquarters) in Tokyo. While Aikikai encompasses many technical styles of aikido, Aikikai is the most traditional style and remains loyal to the Ueshiba house.