Class Information

Classes are held on Monday and Wednesday nights at the Pill Dojo ( address below) starting at 20:00 until 21:30. 

What you need to bring

For the first month you can wear loose fitting clothes like tracksuit trousers (no zips) and t-shirt. After the first month you should look into buying a keikogi (training uniform, usually judo style), which are about £25. You should also bring a bottle of water and a cloth to mop up sweat.



Each class will include an element of weapons work, we train with the Jo staff (50” - 56” staff aprox. 1” in diameter), a Bokken ( a wooden sword) and Tanto ( wooden dagger).  The club have weapons that can be used until you get your own, a set of weapons would cost about £30.


Dojo Etiquette

  • When entering or leaving the dojo, it is proper to bow in the direction of O Sensei's picture, the kamiza or the front of the dojo. You should also bow when entering or leaving the mat.
  • No shoes on the mat. Practice on the mat is barefoot. Always wear footwear to and from the mat (flip flops are convenient).
  • Be on time for class. If you do happen to arrive late, sit quietly on the edge of the mat until the instructor grants permission to join practice.
  • If you should have to leave the mat or dojo for any reason during class, approach the instructor and ask permission.
  • Remove watches, rings and other jewellery before practice.
  • Please keep your fingernails and toenails cut short.
  • Observe proper hygiene. Particularly keep hands and feet clean
  • Please keep talking during class to a minimum.
  • Carry out the directives of the instructor PROMPTLY.
  • Do not keep the rest of the class waiting for you
  • Keep your training uniform clean, in good shape, and free of offensive odours.
  • Remember that you are here to learn, not to gratify your ego. An attitude of receptivity and humility is advised.